The Villa


our history

This house, built in 1962, was THE HOME OF MY GRANDPARENTS. This photo is from 1965 ... I spent my vacations and weekends there with all my cousins. She saw our 4 children grow up. It's a PLACE THAT HAS ALWAYS LIVED WITH LOTS OF PEOPLE. Also, when our children all left to study or work, the house was quite empty. And that's how our beautiful guesthouse project on the lagoon was born!


Our Philosophy

“For us it is important to PRESERVE our natural resources as much as possible and RESPECT OUR PLANET: also, we have chosen to work with LOCAL PRODUCTS, to SORT WASTE, AVOID ENERGY WASTE, to have our VEGETABLE GARDEN and to share the GARDEN FRUIT. We of course encourage all our customers to apply this commitment. "

Our team


The owner of the guest house, who will take care of you during your stay



Our always radiant masseuse, who will provide you with her fabulous treatments