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Our masseuse is at your disposal to take you for 1 hour of absolute relaxation and fullness.

The massage will take place on our terrace in the trees where you will be lulled by the sound of the waves and the song of the birds.

If the weather is not suitable, the massage can take place in our massage area

Ayurvedic Massages menu:
° Relaxing: to find your body and mind harmony.
° Sporty: perfect for preparing or recovering from a hike.
° Pregnant woman, from the 4th month of pregnancy. This massage requires special installation for your comfort to be complete. Please notify us of your pregnancy at least 24 hours before your massage.
° Ventral: ideal for releasing emotions, regaining clarity of mind and overall calm.

Massage prices :
  • Ayurvedic massage : 1h - 75 €
  • Ayurvedic massage : 1h 30- 90 €

Good to know: Even if you are not staying at "La Villa de la Plage", you can still come and enjoy a massage , or offer it to the person of your choice.

Please contact directly Estelle  0692 01 40 04

or you can book online :