The experiences




Many unmissable sites will make you discover our heritage, our culture and our history:

  • In St Gilles les Hauts (15mn by car): the Villèle Museum, a former sugar estate with its beautiful Creole house and its pointed chapel

  • In St Paul: the Villa Rivière, an old Creole house from the 18th century, can be visited every day (except Sunday) by appointment; the marine cemetery; the site of the cave of the first French; the Tamil temple; the nature reserve of the St Paul pond (guided tours with discovery of the flora and fauna).

  • In St leu (10 minutes by car): you can learn everything about sea turtles in Kelonia, visit the salt museum and the Museum of Stella, a former sugar factory, as well as the botanical garden of Mascarins around a very beautiful residence Creole. A craft market is open all week

  • In St Pierre (40 minutes by car): the Saga du Rhum will teach you all about the making of rum and you can even taste the different rums at the end of the visit. The Grilled Café estate, a vast botanical garden where you can admire a palm grove in symbiosis with orchids and a bamboo grove as well as numerous fruit trees from our nourishing gardens. You will discover a "round Bourbon" coffee plant as well as a reconstituted forest of endemic species.

Many fairground and craft markets will allow you to bring back the memories of your trip: St Gilles on Wednesdays; St Paul on Friday; St Leu on Saturday; the Hermitage on Sunday morning.

We will be happy to advise you and you will also find more information on the website of the West Tourist Office