The experiences




There is no shortage of outdoor activities in Reunion, near the Villa de la Plage you will be spoiled for choice.

  • Departing from St Gilles, you can choose between mountain bike rides from Maïdo to St Gilles, a flight over the island by helicopter or microlight, horseback or on foot in the savannah, golf, canyoning, swimming in the natural pools, a parachute jump from a helicopter ...
  • St Leu is the world famous paragliding spot. A paragliding baptism between the forest and the lagoon is an unforgettable experience.
  • St Paul will make you discover its nature reserve, the St Paul pond with its unique flora and fauna. Easy or longer walks will take you to the Vital Basin, in the savannah of Cap La Houssaye, to the Bernica waterfall ...
  • The Haut-de-Ouest forest invites you for a picnic in the freshness of the tamarinds, for a walk to the Piton Maïdo with a breathtaking view of the Mafate cirque. And for adventurers: quad biking, summer tobogganing, hikes to Grand Bénare, La Glacière, Mafate ...
  • Half an hour's drive away, Entre-deux, a magnificent little Creole village, is the starting point for pleasant hikes in the Bras de la Plaine river.
  • A unique experience to live in Reunion: lava tunnels and canyoning

Envergure Réunion is a friendly and professional team specializing in the supervision of lava tunnel and canyoning activities throughout Reunion Island

You get a 5 € discount if you are staying at La Villa de la Plage.
The lava tunnel of the blue basin is located 15 minutes from La Saline, the Langevin canyon 45 minutes.
Visit to Lava Tunnel: Bassin Bleu à l'Eperon / Coulée 2004 in Sainte Rose.
Canyoning: Initiation accessible to children from 8 years old (Langevin or Sainte Suzanne) / Day descent in the circuses (Fleurs Jaunes, Trou Blanc, Bras Rouge ...).

Various books on hiking are available in our library and we will be happy to advise you.

You will also find more information on the website of the Western Tourist Office