Tropical Garden

1000m2 in surface area, the garden is entirely covered with trees, flowers and grass. We have kept the fifty year-old trees planted by our ancestor and have complemented the garden with fruit trees typical to the island.

Being very attached to its flora, we will help you to discover and taste the fruits of our garden : mangoes, jamblons, guavas, zattes, soursops, grapefruit, cerises à côtes, pomegranates, combavas, bananas, papayas…

You can wander around the garden as you please, admiring the flowers and enjoying the numerous furnished areas for you to relax (hammocks, sun-loungers, sun-bathing, ...)

Concerning the sea, we have kept the charm of the traditional garden : you can wander around barefeet in the sand beneath the forest of filaos trees, planted by my great grandfather.